Elli | Yamanto

October-19-2019 Bark busters rating

Lynden’s expertise was fantastic in beginning to train our dogs. He has given us a lot of effective training skills to work on with the boys over the next few weeks until we see him again.

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Carrie | Brisbane

July-10-2019 Bark busters rating

Lynden had the boys responding to him immediately. He then had them responding to us just as fast. Such a brilliant, simple and timely revision of the basics of working with our dogs. We thought we were using the right techniques and were frustrated by the lack of progress but Lynden showed us just how effective the right techniques used at the RIGHT time and with consistency can be. We are feeling much more confident that we can control and ultimately correct the boys behaviour issues and we can all lead a happy life together. We highly recommend Lynden and the Bark Busters training program/technique. Simple, effective, humane and positive.

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Vanessa | McDowall

July-05-2019 Bark busters rating

It was amazing. Our dog responded to Lynden immediately and sat by him watching him and waiting for directions! Lynden took his time explaining everything to us and getting us to practice while he watched and gave feedback. Our dog has gone from only listening to us when it suited him, to being an angel!

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Karen | Arana Hills

July-03-2019 Bark busters rating

We were amazed at how well Jazz responded. It's like having a new dog. Our neighbour also can't believe the difference. Jazz rarely barks now and is a lot calmer. Our neighbour can garden again! When we bring Jazz inside she sits on her mat and responds very well to our instructions. Jazz now comes almost everytime we ask her to come and we are really enjoying her.

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Kristy | Brisbane

March-23-2019 Bark busters rating

Our experience with Lynden was very informative and helpful. The techniques we were shown we saw an immediate response from our dog. I would not hesitate in recommending Bark Busters.

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Joanna & Mike | Stafford

October-16-2018 Bark busters rating

Results were seen so quickly and after the 2.5 hour home session we felt empowered to be consistent with the training techniques. It was like a miracle to see our German Shepherd not pull on the lead and start to respond to us with knocking at the front door!


Helen | Redcliffe

August-20-2018 Bark busters rating

I was totally out of my depth and Lynden provided me with some very useful training tips.


Ben & Lydia | Pullenvale

June-07-2018 Bark busters rating

Excellent detailed advice was provided by Lynden. He demonstrated the techniques while just talking with us. We learnt a lot and can see how the techniques work. Great to have options that don't involve hurting the dog. The techniques are easy to implement with the kids. Thank you.

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Chester | Margate

May-21-2018 Bark busters rating

Trainer, Lynden, was extremely relaxed and knew his dogs. Welcome the new "Dog Whisperer". Dog was extremely well-adjusted while adapting to new lessons.

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Sandra & David | Scarborough

May-21-2018 Bark busters rating

Training was very easy to follow. Response within minutes of contact, with all questions answered. Logical approach and well presented training.

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Cassy | Cashmere

March-21-2018 Bark busters rating

Lynden was able to explain well to me the behavioural issues my dog was having and how I could work with him to correct them. Very effective and we have made a lot of progress.


Caroline | Brisbane

February-28-2018 Bark busters rating

Lynden was very Professional and helped me to understand about reading my boys body language, even with my learning problems i still understood what was being taught. and appreciate that Bark Busters comes to our residence. Appreciate all the advice and tips Lynden Mccormack gave me.

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Fay | Eatons Hill

October-09-2017 Bark busters rating

Lynden was excellent in the way he explained the training methods and in the way he related to Cindy.

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Anna | Ashgrove

August-24-2017 Bark busters rating

I would give the training results a 10+.

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Chris & Chyrelle | Alderley

August-11-2017 Bark busters rating

Lynden was knowledgeable and his training techniques are very effective. Our dog responded within minutes of his arrival and is showing great signs of progress.

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Sharon & Shaaria | Wilston

June-26-2017 Bark busters rating

Would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Training excellent and practical.

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Andrew | Wynnum West

June-08-2017 Bark busters rating

Saw good results after Lynden explained everything that was easily understood, enjoyable and very interesting..

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Paul | McDowall

June-08-2017 Bark busters rating

It helps that the lessons is done at home and not in a session with a dozen other dogs. The results were quite quick and the training shown were working on our dogs, they were both responsive to the system. We know that we need to be consistent and continue to work on it and implement the positive changes


Dee | Capalaba

June-08-2017 Bark busters rating

Excellent system which was explained clearly and was easy to follow. We enjoyed the training experience with Lynden and saw results with Coco & Raven by the end of the first session

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Angie & Jeff | The Gap

June-08-2017 Bark busters rating

Very easy to follow, we saw good response with both Enzo & Bronson. We also found the experience with Lynden both interesting, informative and most enjoyable.

AggressionSibling rivalry

Adam | Chapel Hill

May-11-2017 Bark busters rating

All common sense and no harsh corrections. The methods were nice and calm.

Puppy management

Alexia | Stafford

January-23-2017 Bark busters rating

Enjoyable and informative; very encouraging instruction from Lynden and I feel confident that the behaviours will change in positive direction given time and practice.


Anthea | Paddington

December-20-2016 Bark busters rating

Very clear guidance and was patient to go through all our questions. Billy was very responsive to the trainer - we still have some work to do on our commands etc. Training techniques simple and kind to dog.


Mick & Rachael | Kalinga

December-12-2016 Bark busters rating

Really exciting to have been given the skills to control our dogs, therefore to enjoy them more and for them to be happier too.


Deb | Brisbane

August-11-2016 Bark busters rating

It was great to have Lynden visit. He was so thorough and explained everything easily so that we can move forward now with the correct way in responding to Pippa when she barks. After two weeks, she has improved greatly and listens so well to our commands. Also love the information that he left so that all family members are on the same page in the way we train her. Thanks Lynden, we would highly recommend Bark Busters.


Hope | Herston

March-23-2016 Bark busters rating

I found it great that Bark Busters come to you rather than sitting in a class with other dogs.

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Brendan & Sonya | Clayfield

March-02-2016 Bark busters rating

Lynden was very patient and explained everything very well.

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Damian & Bec | Newmarket

February-18-2016 Bark busters rating

Did not expect to see such immediate results. Expertise of trainer in pointing out body language signs of dog was a positive and learning curve. Dogs noticeably more relaxed and looking to us for authority. Thank you.

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Stephanie | McDowell

July-22-2015 Bark busters rating

Found the information very interesting - helped to understand better. Bella seemed to respond well to the training. Overall good experience.

BarkingSeparation anxiety

Tony | Everton Park

July-06-2015 Bark busters rating

Very helpful and enjoyable. Thank you for guiding me to understand a lot more about my dog. Well worth the money. Very pleased.

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Clare | The Gap

February-25-2015 Bark busters rating

Lynden had an amazing disposition and taught us some very valuable lessons for our puppy. With the majority of the training we saw immediate results. We haven't arranged a follow up only as we are more than happy now with our dogs behaviour and Lynden was so reassuring providing his personal mobile number should we ever need to get in touch with him. He is a real asset to Bark Busters !

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Richard & Sarah | Clayfield

September-08-2014 Bark busters rating

Excellent trainer. Very approachable and explained techniques well. We have noticed a change in our Labrador within a week. Thank you.


Meg & Garth | Ferny Hills

September-01-2014 Bark busters rating

Lynden was very knowledgeable and addressed our concerns.

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